G27 Pedal Riser Mod in Development


The Logitech G27 has one off the most moddable sets of pedals in the industry, with things like adjustable springs, load cells, even a hydraulic unit! However, one of the limitations of the G27 is the very short pedal throw, as the pedals are arguably quite small. Forum members Mark Puc (AussieStig) and Steve Spenceley have decided to team up to try to change that, with the StigSimExperience Pedal Risers.

These pedal risers will allow for a high level of customization, as well as providing a longer pedal throw. You can adjust the pedal to have a positive or negative rake, which can be good for heel-and-toe drivers. The pedal faces can also be adjusted to fit your needs. Pedal functionality will not be affected, and you can even still use the risers in the stock pedal casing. You can also remove the pedals from the casing, or invert them, whatever suits your style.

I gotta say, this is one of the coolest mods for the G27 I’ve seen, that could, bundled with a Perfect Pedal or other mod, rival higher end sets! No release date has been announced, but if you have any interest, Mark and Steve have asked that you send them an email at StigSimExperience@Gmail.com.

Would you want a mod like this for your G27? Let us know in the comments!