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Gamermuscle Tests HTC Vive VR And Live For Speed

Gamermuscle tests HTC Vive VR and Live For Speed. Our English friend is at it again folks, Gamermuscle (James to his mates) has released one of the first videos featuring the HTC Vive being used with the sim racing title ”Live For Speed”. During the course of the video, James puts the Vive through its paces and has plenty of good things to say about the improvements that have been made when comparing the Vive to his previous HMD, the Oculus Rift DK2.

This is not to say that there aren’t a few minor points that are not totally to James’s liking, but all in all he seems to be pretty enamoured with his new bit of kit. The video is obviously a screen capture which is not exactly how you or I would see it through the lenses of the Vive itself. But that not withstanding, HTC have released a more than worthy adversary for the recently released Oculus Rift CV1.

Gamermuscle Tests HTC Vive

Gamer muscle Testing the HTC Vive and Live For Speed

Gamermuscle’s score for the HTC Vive as tested in the video:

”The good 

– Much better visual quality than DK2 
– Totaly usable as a screen replacment
– Can see with very high clarity 125m in front of car
– Can see with acceptable clarity 160m in front of car
– Cock pit is 100% crisp dial’s all clear to read 
– Easy to load into game 
– Easy to capture on OBS now 
– LFS is well set up for VR 

The bad 

– HMD is costly though offers a lot for that cost
– Comfort of HMD for some will still be an issue
– Resolution could do with being higher still to make it perfect
– Not many racing games support the VIVE yet”

I am totally looking forward to testing the Vive and CV1 myself, hopefully I will be able to get my Aussie hands on one or both of these sometime soon and post review for you guys here on ISRTV!