KartKraft – Now with Beta VR Support

Although it took longer than expected to release the long-anticipated KartKraft, now, the updates are coming in very short intervals. This time, VR support!

… and WMR Too

This rather uncommon in #SimRacing, but Windows Mixed Reality support is indeed being listed in the release notes.

With that being said, VR support is still in beta, so you might run across some issues, mainly:

  • No horizon lock/head simulation
  • Replay mode is inaccessible
  • HUD and driver names may not render
  • Menus may clip into world objects
  • Cinematics and menus may not all be VR compliant
  • Karts may be blurry when viewed up close. Workaround: Turn down post processing quality

And more. With the latest update, Black Delta has also improved the physics model, “resulting in increased stability, less understeer and smoother FFB.”

The update is now available free-of-charge for all KartKraft owners via Steam and may require a Steam client restart.

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