KartKraft – Early Access Commences

The wait is over! As promised last week, KartKraft has now made its way onto Steam Early Access paving the way for a lot more to come!

Early Access Only Marks the Beginning

For the indie developer Black Delta Studios, a project like KartKraft was an enourmous undertaking, hence the delay. This does not stop the studio though from pushing even harder towards a version 1.0 release, now that the Steam Early Access phase has begun.

Here is Black Delta’s roadmap for the upcoming development phase until version 1.0.

KartKraft Early Access Roadmap

The developer was even able to secure some chassis licenses, with even more to come, in the form of Arrow, CRG, Deadly, Formula K, Monaco, OK1, Praga and Sodi Kart!

KartKraft is now available via Steam at 16.19€ (10% discount from the regular 17.99€, prices in other currencies may vary).

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