An Update on the TWISR LIVE! Show

By now, you fine folks are long overdue an answer to why there hasn’t been a TWISR LIVE! show in a few weeks, so here it goes.  Remember that whole “failing up” thing I talked about on Darin’s Farewell show?  Well that’s where we’ve been with the live format.

Previous to that show, I put a lot of work into bolstering our live programming.  That included forking more money over to my internet provider for faster speeds (yay…), building a new PC (actual yay!) and spending a lot of time doing test runs because I was really tired of all the technical issues we had with the live show.

Anyhoo, part of that labor was shown in the two episode arc that was ISRTV LIVE!  Unfortunately, that show turned into a really big time suck, one we just couldn’t have with all the “regular” programming that we do around here (like the F1 2017 Review).

So it got axed.  At least for now.

After that got the ax, I wasn’t really sure what to do.  Part of the struggle with TWISR was the timing and dealing with technology (bad XSplit updates, Billy’s internet connection, Windows 10 losing it’s mind for no good reason, etc).

But now – with some time – I think we have our hands wrapped around it.  The new internet and computer seem to be working well and we’re switching over to OBS as that has finally matured to where we need it to be.

So with all that said, TWISR – or ISRTV LIVE!, whatever it’ll be called – is returning on it’s new day, Monday, September 11th “at the same bat time, on the same bat channel!”  That’s 4pm est for those of you who don’t get the reference…

Monday’s just work better for our personal schedules, and is less distributive to the production schedule of the other videos we are working on.

Besides just covering the news, Billy and I are going to add aspects of the long-form conversation show Beyond the Gloves into it as well, since we miss having the opportunity to really dive into a subject.  There will be a few other minor changes but I’ll leave that for the show.

I apologize for keeping you guys in the dark.  Just needed some time to reset and figure out the next step.  I’m prepared for my (deserved) lashings in the comments section…