Inside Sim Racing Hits 100,000 You Tube Subscribers !

It took more than 8 years to get here, but we did it !  100,000 You Tube subscribers !  Through our ups and downs, blood sweat and tears, we persevered and have become the first You Tube channel in our genre to hit this milestone.

100k subscribers

First off I’d like to thank all of you, our viewers, subscribers and supporters for getting us here. Without all of you out there encouraging us, we wouldn’t have made it.

Next I’d like to personally thank all of the individuals that worked on our channel.  Shaun Cole, Jessica Lopez, Tom Haake, Warren Desper, Maile Allen, Kimbo May and of course my new co-host John Sabol, have all contributed to hitting this milestone.

Behind the scenes I’d like to thank my family for the encouragement and of course my wife Andrea who has been by my side for this entire journey and has even made some appearances on the show.

Finally I’d like to thank all the companies that have sponsored the show and website throughout the years. We’ve had some incredible support from all of them along the way.

Here’s hoping we get to 200,000 even quicker and are around for a long time to come !

Darin Gangi
Inside Sim Racing