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Volusia Speedway Coming to iRacing, Dirt Release Time Frame Announced

We have had some amazing news from the folk at iRacing. They have announced that Volusia Speedway Park will be released in the much eagerly anticipated content, iRacing Dirt. This is very exciting news, as we will now have 3 confirmed Dirt tracks. Eldora, Williams Grove and now Volusia. I can smell the Hoosier’s as we speak!

I for one am very excited about this because I have been lucky enough to have visited the World of Outlaws at Volusia Speedway Park, and have seen these mind-blowing dirt monsters in action. Being located in the UK I have also a lot of experience with the UK oval racing, and when I first rocked up at Volusia Speedway, I was lost for words!

Volusia Speedway Park is located in central Florida, Barberville. Its a half mile “Clay-dirt” oval and is renowned for being the “worlds fastest half mile” This I can believe, the guys that pedal those World of Outlaw cars around the oval at 98% flat chat are either the most skilled drivers in the world, or just plain bonkers!

The speedway was opened in 1968 and was paved up until the 1990’s, and also includes a smaller 1/8 mile dirt oval for Karts, I wonder if iRacing will be adding this in the sim in the future?

Have a look at a quote received from iRacing president Tony Gardener:

Now for dirt. We do have some week 13 series built but….we have not decided yet officially if we are going to include dirt in the update next week or not which is why we are pretty quiet about it. If we knew for sure that it was not in the update we would tell you. If we knew it was going to be in the update, we would tell you. As it is now, it is pretty dam fun! However there are still a couple little things we want to add and a couple things we would like to see a bit better. We have been testing and improving it for for months so I don’t want people to think we are about to put out something that is not tested and up to our standards but we are still tweaking. Just normal software/game development but either way we are close. Maybe we should wait until April 1st!

This seems very positive news as they must be close, and funnily is was 1st April 2016 when we first read this 

All I will say is “Bring It On!”

Finally, we seem to have some updates for the release of iRacing Dirt:

Hi all,
I know that the excitement to finally start racing on dirt is very high! We are so very close to be able to get our first go at this out but we have a few open issues that we would like to get in a better place before we do that. So we have made the decision to NOT release dirt next week.
What we have decided though is that we are going to officially target a release of some kind of oval dirt racing by March 29th. If the open issues are fixed quickly it very well could be before the 29th but we are committing to do our best to release some combination of the dirt content by March 29th.
Thanks for your patience and we really are excited at how this is turning out and we think you will love it!
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