Updated NASCAR Trucks Coming to iRacing

This week marks the end of Season 2 of 2015 in iRacing land, meaning a new build is coming next week.  New builds usually mean new content and this will be the case again with the release of the updated Chevrolet Silverado and new Toyota Tundra from the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.

The real-world versions of both NASCAR trucks have been competing in the Camping World Truck Series since 2014 when Chevrolet, Toyota and Ford unveiled new racing models, correlating to new road-going trucks.  Ford is currently not set to appear in iRacing, which isn’t a surprise considering Ford pulled factory support from the Truck Series a few years ago and are only fielded by Brad Keselowski Racing.  This will be the first appearance of for the Tundra, which was signed at the same time as the Sprint Cup Toyota Camry last year.

The new Silverado and Tundra will replace the last gen Silverado that runs in the oval C class.  The Silverado (and Tundra) will need to be purchased – no free upgrade – but like all multiple car series in iRacing, only the car you want to drive has to be purchased.




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