Latest Stabiz Video Slows It Down

Well known sim racing video creator Stabiz has released his latest work which shows off iRacing’s McLaren MP4-12C GT3 and the RUF RT12 R GT3 slow waltzing around Suzuka International Racing Circuit.  Between the nice overcast sky lighting, 2048 x 2048 pixel paint schemes and Stabiz’s editing, the sim has never looked this clean.  The soundtrack features “Envision” by Supreme Cuts and sets the perfect mood for the slow motion action.

My personal favorite part of the video is when the RUF oscillates over the curbs at the 2:10 mark, showing off some great physics detail.  Another example of Stabiz sweating the details, which is why his videos are so popular.  Stabiz has been putting out videos at a pretty good rate recently on his stabizisback YouTube channel and with the BMW Z4 GT3 poised to show up to iRacing in the near future, I’m hoping for a part II.

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