iRacing Releases Dallara DW12 Indy Preview

iRacing has released the long awaited Dallara DW12 race car just in time for this weekend’s Indy 500. As of right now, only the Speedway configuration (suitable for 1.5 mile and longer tracks) is available for use, with the other aero packages coming in the Season 3 build.

The Dallara DW12 was rolled out in 2012, as the successor to the widely successful IR-05 chassis. Named after the late Dan Wheldon, the DW12 follows the “ICONIC” plan (Innovative, Competitive, Open-wheel, New, Industry-relevant, Cost-effective) for the next generation of IndyCar racing. Safety is key in the new car, with new bodywork around the car to prevent dangerous incidents. The car is powered by a 2.2L twin-turbo V6 engine, which can generate up to 700 horsepower. Custom aero packages will be allowed in 2015, to allow for tech advances in the series.

The DW12 is available to race in iRacing now for $11.95. Members who have purchased the Dallara IR-05 in the past 90 days will receive a $6 credit to be used towards the new car.

Are you going to be racing the iRacing Indy 500 this year? What are your thoughts on the new car?

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