iRacing Releases Chapter 5 of Basic Training

iRacing has released the next chapter of their Basic Training series, this time taking a look at setting goals for your sim racing career. With a wide variety of series to be raced, it can be daunting for a new racer to figure out where to get focus on. This video can provide valuable insight into what racers can focus on once they break out of the rookie division.

In addition to the idea of setting goals, the video also talks about different aspects of the iRacing service, such as grounds for promotion as well as the idea behind iRating and splits. The video also emphasizes the idea of focusing on one car until you master it, as opposed to jumping from car to car.

The iRacing Basic Training series has proven a valuable tool for helping the new iRacer get started on the right foot, as well as providing a refresher course for veterans to the service. What do you guys think of the videos? Let us know in the comments below.

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