iRacing Previews the Nurburgring

iRacing released a new video today giving us our first look at their version of the Nurburgring.  Ok, at this point there isn’t too much to show, but its still interesting to hear iRacing’s development process.

Due to the shear size of the track, four employees were sent over to Germany for a whole week to scan and take pictures.  Interesting enough, the nearby town of Adenau was also scanned and will be rendered in-game.  Wonder if iRacing is looking to push out the distance of what they render around the track?

The video also really shows off the rugged terrain of the track and surrounding areas.  iRacing says it has developed some new technology for the track to better pick up the terrain and typography and it will be interesting to see if we can notice the improvements.  With the new iRacing laser scanner picking up enough points that you could balance a quarter (24.26 mm in diameter for those outside the U.S.) on them, the accuracy and density of points is both awesome and kind of pretty.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 6.11.19 PM

While its clear that iRacing’s version of the Nurburgring still has plenty of work to go – it is 4x the size of any of their previous projects – they seem bullish on a Fall 2015 release for the 15.18 mile, 170 corner (according to iRacing…others have it in the 70’s) track.  I’m rooting for them to be right.

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