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iRacing Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Hosted Race at Sebring – John’s Onboard

Presenting Test Drive of the new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup in iRacing. The 911 GT3 Cup car was released this week on iRacing, but since the official “Porsche iRacing Cup” doesn’t launch until next week, we decided to host a ‘Fun Race’ at Sebring to get some racing action in.

Motion Simulator Provided by Next Level Racing

And by the way, thanks to over 40 of you for showing up to race!  A tight track like Sebring in such a large field is pretty crazy.

Both John and Billy participated in the race and captured it for you guys. First up is John’s – eventful – onboard with Billy’s to follow shortly.

As for what the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car in iRacing is like?  It’s a good one.

A track like Sebring really brings flaws out, and the 911 GT3 Cup handled it like a champ.  Bounding over the washboard track surface and high curbs was no problem, that is, as long as you hit them correctly.  It takes an entire runway to brake – thanks in part to the optional ABS not being installed – but the threshold braking does make for passing opportunities if you’re good at modulating the brake.

Another plus, and a sign for good participation, is that there aren’t that many adjustments in the garage, so you can tweak the ‘baseline’ setup and be in the ballpark.

So yes, we expect this crazy amount of racing action to continue in the official series.  But hopefully it’s a little cleaner…