iRacing McLaren MP4-30 Test Drive at Nurburgring Combined

Is there such thing as too many iRacing McLaren MP4-30 / Nürburgring Test Drives?  No, of course not.  So here’s another one for you guys.  I fired up The Bat and took the McLaren MP4-30 out on the Nürburgring Combined circuit.  To be more specific, the Gesamtstrecke Long course.  Say that five times fast.

To run any of the four GP + Nordschliefe combined layouts, you must own each track.  I’ll just say now that you want both.  While the Nordschliefe is a no-brainer cause it’s…well, The Green Hell, the GP track is nothing to snuff at.  It’s a great little track that has a modern, yet, old school feel.  Challenging, yet accessible, the GP course really does lend itself to great racing.

But back to the combined course.  It’s awesome.  Which is why we decided to take advantage of the ultra wide curved BenQ XR3501’s on The Bat and strap the ol’ GoPro on my noggin to give a cool POV driving shot.  As you can see, the 5 million corners* come at you fast and furiously.

What’s the car like?  Actually much better compared to the previous Test Drive in it.  It’s much more stable at high speeds were the aero does a good portion of the heavy lifting (or pushing down…lift bad for race cars).  Only having 33-ish seconds of ERS is interesting as well.  When it’s on, hold on!  When it’s off, the knife edge is severely dulled.

We also cranked the graphics up to 11 – ok, 8.5 – for the replay to show you what the track could look like if you’re rocking the good hardware.  Very pretty.

Speaking of pretty, iRacing’s track wizard, Greg Hill, took to the forums to share a whole bunch of screenshots with the community.  You’re new wallpaper awaits below.

The GP ($14.95), Nordschliefe ($14.95), McLaren MP4-30 ($11.95) and Southern National Motorsports Park ($11.95) will be available for purchase tomorrow (12/7) when the Season 1 2016 build launches.

*There are less than 5 million corners.