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iRacing Dirt Confirmed?

Introducing, iRacing Dirt! The guys over at iRacing have just released a video that will make a lot of iRacing members very happy. This very well-produced video features Steve Myers, iRacing.com’s Executive Vice President and Executive Producer introducing Dirt for iRacing. In his intro, Steve explains the importance of listening to iRacing’s members when it comes to creating new and unique content. This translates into iRacing developing content which is often requested by their members.

Here below is the official press release from iRacing.com:

 According to Steve Myers, iRacing.com’s Executive Vice President and Executive Producer, the development of dirt tracks and dirt cars is the next logical step following last year’s introduction of iRacing’s dynamic track feature that sees paved track surfaces evolving during the course of races based on changing weather conditions and the virtual rubber laid down by competitors. 

“We are starting a new chapter in our long history and expanding into a new branch of motorsport – dirt,” says Myers.  “With the evolution of our new surface model the next natural step was to develop a dirt surface model and dirt race cars.  

 “We are working closely with the University of Northwestern Ohio and Clint Bowyer Racing (CBR) to create virtual dirt surfaces that match the fidelity of iRacing’s paved tracks, along with a digital version of CBR’s PEAK/Crawford Supply BWRC late model.   Speaking for everyone at iRacing, I’m really excited about this project, and I’m very optimistic that we’ll be launching it this year.”  

Utilising the facilities at Limaland Motorsport Park, which happens to be owned and operated by the University of Northwestern Ohio as part of their curriculum, iRacing’s technical team have descended upon the Universities’s dirt oval track to research just how the surface differs from their usual fair of hard surfaced oval and road courses. In the video, several dirt racing experts share their combined knowledge when it comes to how the surface should be prepared, as well as which racing line to take as opposed to road racing classes.

With plans to introduce their first Dirt racing car the ”Dirt Late Model”, iRacing has already begun the process of laser scanning the car to produce a perfect replica of this dirt racing monster. Steve is very confident that this exciting new content will be released in 2016.

Stay tuned folks.





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