iRacing Dallara DW12 Coming This Monday

iRacing has announced that the long awaited Dallara DW12 IndyCar will be released this Monday, in time for this year’s iRacing Indy 500. Monday’s release will only feature the Speedway configuration (suitable for 1.5 miles and over), while the other packages will likely be released in Season 3’s build. All packages will be included in the DW12 purchase, so you will be able to use the road and short course configurations once they are released.


The Dallara DW12 was rolled out in the 2012 IndyCar Season. Named after the late Dan Wheldon (who was a tester of the new chassis), the DW12 featured multiple safety advances, as well as switching from an 8-cylinder engine down to a twin-turbo V6 engine. Chevrolet and Honda both produce engines for the DW12 (no word on if the Chevrolet powerplant will be included).

Are you looking forward to the DW12 coming out next week? Do you prefer Honda or Chevy?

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