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iRacing – Christopher Bell’s “Dirt Midget” Car On its Way

iRacing has not only been working on Time Attack, day and night cycles and rallycross, but as we now know, the team behind the biggest online-racing subscription-based simulator has also been working on new dirt oval content – Christopher Bell’s “Dirt Midget” car!

What were midget cars again?

Midget cars are all about powert-to-weight ratios. Whilst the cars only weigh less 410kg (900 pounds), their four-cylinder engines can put out up to 400 horsepower!

The midget cars’ history dates right back until the 1930’s where they originated in the US. Today, races are held in Australia and New Zealand as well in addition to the States.

iRacing is working on Christopher Bell’s midget car – the “dirt midget” – with which he won this year’s Chili Bowl race in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A race which is often considered “the Super Bowl of midget racing”. As the teaser video explains, the car has already been scanned!


In another regard, iRacing has also been making progress on the rallycross side of things.

And as we can see, the sim developer also seems to have half a formula car, with what looks like a Logitech G25/ G27 mounted inside, sitting in its office – pretty cool.

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