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iRacing 2017 Season 2 Out Tomorrow, What’s New?

It is that time again, every three months we get a new build of iRacing and March marks no exception, the season two build is coming tomorrow. Here is the most important of what has been removed, of what has been changed and of what has been added. The full changelog can be found on the second page. And no, dirt is not available just yet, you will have to wait another couple of weeks.


The Bullring has been added. We already covered the track, so if you want to know more, you may want to check out our blog here.

Pace Car

For hosted sessions, the type of safety can now be selected through the “Optional Settings” menu.
Depending on the track you are racing on, the selection of safety cars may change.

Hand-over-hand animations

Hand-over-hand animations have now been added for some vehicles. So, for all of you racing with the virtual steering wheel enabled, this will make it a lot more visually appealing and believable.

Virtual Reality

Not only the community is adopting VR, but also the developers, hence the quite significant improvements in this build.

VR positional audio has now also been added to iRacing, making the audio move with your head when moving in VR whilst waring headphones.

Also, the VR mirror output to your external monitor is now in fullscreen instead of being a black-boxed image. This feature has only been implemented in Assetto Corsa so far.


Of course, various cars have also been updated. This includes changes to the tire model, updated engine sounds and setups.

DirectX 9 and 32-Bit support

Both DirectX 9 and 32-Bit support have now officially been discontinued, meaning that the game will not run on 32-Bit Windows, Mac OSX and Linux machines anymore. For Mac users Boot Camp will solve the issue and for 32-Bit Windows users a reinstall of a 64-Bit version of the OS. Linux users will have to figure something out, or just dual boot Windows. DirectX 11 on 64-bit Windows is now iRacing’s platform of choice.


Tracks have been improved as well, if only slightly. Except for Imola, noticeable frame rate improvements can be expected here.

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