iRacing – New Official DIRT Images Appear Online!

During the last several months, the team at iRacing have been working extremely hard to bring the DIRT element to their very popular online sim racing title. Today, we have been treated to some of the best detailed DIRT images of actual cars on track! The cars are depicted in action on the Eldora and Williams Grove Speedways. One car missing from this line up is the Ford Fiesta Rally Cross car, which iRacing is planning to release as part of the DIRT content for their title. The cars you see in the gallery here below are as follows:

  • Dirt Street Car
  • Dirt Sprint Car
  • Dirt Late Model

Yesterday in a release which focussed on a small development update, Tony Gardner, iRacing’s President, revealed that DIRT content will not be making an appearance in next week’s scheduled new iRacing build. He did make a reassuring statement regarding the progress being made on DIRT’s content for iRacing. He was happy to report that work being done has been progressing rather well and that deployment of the new content should be seen prior to the March 2017 build.

iRacing’s Statement Regarding Their Upcoming DIRT Instalment:

As you all know, we’ve been working incredibly hard to bring authentic dirt racing to iRacing. This project has involved every developer in one way or another, whether it’s physics, track dynamics, production, art, audio, rendering, or web. It’s also pushed us to try new methods and tools for art creation and new shaders which will pay dividends not just for dirt, but for all of iRacing.

We’re really excited about it and would like to share these in-progress shots with you as a preview of what’s to come. Note that these are in progress and things are subject to change… for example, the cushion is not showing in these shots, but the “prepared” surface is and so is the base surface.

iRacing DIRT Gallery