DriveClub PS4 Live Gameplay with T300 RS

Presenting some live gameplay of DriveClub on the Playstation 4. Darin drives the Audi R8 and RUF CTR Clubsport offline with the Thrustmaster T300 RS for a half hour of unedited driving. DriveClub is the first title that is available on the PS4 that makes use of the T300 RS.

DriveClub RUF DC

The AI in this video was tough compared to what I drove in my first three hours. It seems the Hyper / Super cars have much harder AI versus the Rookie and second tier of the “Tour”. I drove a few tour races in the Audi R8 and then ran the RUF CTR Clubsport in a time trial and a single race event as well.

More gameplay videos and a review coming on launch day (October 7th). More Driveclub coverage is located HERE.

DriveClub is going to be available exclusively for the Playstation 4 on October 7th.