DriveClub Gameplay First Three Hours with T300

DriveClub Gameplay First Hour

DriveClub is available now exclusively for the Playstation 4 !  Some of you may have seen my first video with a half hour of DriveClub gameplay. Before I did that half hour, I ran the first three hours and recorded it live and I have them here for you. For all of my gameplay, I ran the Thrustmaster T300 with a set of T500 pedals. I had hoped that the TH8A shifter was compatible with my DriveClub gameplay, but it’s not.

Here’s the first hour where I’m getting a feel for things.

After the first hour I started getting more comfortable with how things work and even try a multiplayer event in the second hour.

Finally in my third hour of DriveClub gameplay (actually 40 minutes), I run another multiplayer race and more of the tour.

My full review of this new title for the PS4 and first racing game to utilize the Thrustmaster T300 will be available within the next few days.

Did you get a copy of DriveClub and if so what do you think ?