XCAR Takes a Look at a Formula One Simulator

XCAR is a YouTube channel for auto enthusiasts, and they have released a video taking a look at a Formula One simulator. Ben Costanduros got the opportunity to test out a Cranford Motorsport Simulator, and talks about how simulators are ushering in a new generation of training for drivers.

The simulator runs on a ¬†version of rfactor, with the video featuring a Formula One car at Bahrain. After running a first trial, Ben consults with a data analyst to figure out where he can improve in the next run. It’s quite remarkable that rFactor 1 is still one of the go-to sims for training purposes. The video is definitely worth a watch, and if you’re a car enthusiast, you may like some of the other videos on their channel.

What are your thoughts on the next generation of professional racers coming from a virtual environment? Have you ever watched XCAR’s videos?

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