SimXperience Accuforce Wheel and Stage 5 Simulator Test Drive

This week Darin and I traveled to Canton, Ohio to visit with the people of SimXperience. They are the makers of a turnkey full motion simulator that goes by the name of the Stage 5. This is $22,500 simulator that has everything a sim racer could dream of, and more, thrown into it. Making this test drive even more exciting is that this particular stage 5 has SimXperience’s new Prototype Accuforce Wheel on it.

The stage 5 is made up of some of the nicest equipment on the market. This is a seat mover type motion simulator that also incorporates a traction loss unit that also move the entire chassis left and right in the rear. In addition to that it is equipped with the GS4 G seat that has servo controlled panels that move to also create a motion type feeling while driving. Taking care of the tactile feedback is the now famous simvibe software controlling 4 specially designed Buttkickers mounted at each corner of the rig. All of this is built into a race car looking chassis that has 3 gigantic monitors that can actually be moved up and down electrically via a switch. There is a second switch that allows you to adjust the pedals in the same manor ensuring total comfort while driving. A fourth monitor is mounted to the side that acts as a touch screen dashboard while driving. There is also a Thrustmaster shifter setup in sequential mode to the right and in perfect shifting position. And the highlight of this rig is the Prototype Accuforce Wheel. The wheel is still bare in form but 100% functional in usage and I feel very lucky to have my hands on one for this drive.

I am driving the Mclaren MP4-12c Racecar at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park that is more affectionately known as Mosport. My job in this test drive is to test out a full motion driving simulator and I can’t think of a better combination of a car and track to accomplish that goal. Mosport is a very fun to drive track that feature not only massive elevation change but delivers it in a way that is constantly making the car feel light or heavy through sections of the track. The Mclaren is a beast of a car that can seem as ferocious as a formula one car at times along with super powerful braking, and as ill handling as a NASCAR cup car when coming out of corners lighting up the tires.

We are soon going to be doing a review of the stage 5 simulator and all of its components. We are also going to do a show talking bout the wheel in more detail. But for now I wanted you to have this video and get to enjoy what SimXperience has to offer. I spent a few laps getting comfortable with the simulator and the car/track combo. Then I really started to push it and you can see I was having lots of fun.