Video Highlight: Niels Heusinkveld GP2 Simulator

One of the awesome parts of sim racing is how it can be transferred to real life. A wide variety of teams have started utilizing racing simulators, to cut costs and circumnavigate testing restrictions. This latest video highlight showcases Niels Heusinkveld, and a simulator he was contracted to build for a GP2 race team.

The simulator features bleeding edge technology, and the most advanced sim racing hardware currently available. The setup uses a Playseat cockpit as a base. Niels decided to go with a Leo Bodnar SimSteering system with a real life GP2 steering wheel, repurposed for computer usage. The Heusinkveld Engineering Sim Pedals Ultimate are utilized as well. The cockpit features a triple-screen setup running at 120 Hz, to provide a high fidelity setup with minimal input lag.

One thing I find interesting is that the sim is running on a modified version of rFactor, instead of more modern offerings. However, we know that Niels is known for very authentic physics for the ISIMotor 2 engine, and it looks to more of the same, judging by the video.

On another Niels related topic, he has released a couple videos, taking questions in a Q&A format. He is planning on releasing multiple parts, covering different topics. As of right now, two videos have been released, taking some personal questions, to get a behind-the-scenes look on who Niels Heusinkveld really is.



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