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ixOOst – Lamborghini ESAVOX – Soundbar

With the holiday season fast approaching, you may be looking around for something a little different to fill the sim racing man cave with. Although not really related to sim racing, this Lamborghini inspired soundbar,  with an eye watering price of €19.900 or $21,176,  has to be seen to be believed! The Italian designer, Mirco Pecorari has taken the exhaust and rear styling from a Lamborghini and crafted it into a stunning looking Lamborghini ESAVOX soundbar! Admittedly, this type of product is in the realm of “more money than sense” territory.

This, however, does not detract from what is basically industrial art and a symbiotic marriage of automotive and sound technologies. The Modena based Italian company ixOOst does offer lower priced pieces that are constructed from the exhaust headers of certain Italian supercars, as well as genuine F1 headers should you choose that option when ordering. The exhaust components used in this soundbar are original Lamborghini parts and pure carbon fiber!

It might not be to everyone’s taste but there is no denying, the ESAVOX is an exercise in engineering and design. Who knows, it may even find a place under someone’s chrissy tree this year.


The Internals Of The Lamborghini ESAVOX:

Two side cabinets, hand made with a hexagonal form and housing a 6.5-inch full range and 8-inch woofer in carbon, offering a solid base for a stereo experience that fills the entire room. The heart of the unit lies in a down firing subwoofer of 15 inches with high sensitivity, in Neodymium. Two 1-inch tweeters in Mylar complete the system, located inside the original exhaust unit.

Two stereo valve preamplifiers on input, an amplifier of 600 Watt and one of 200 Watt dedicated to the subwoofer all constitute the driving force of EsaVox. Frequency control is managed by 2 DSPs of 24 bit to optimise audio filtering.

By integrating Bluetooth® 4.0 technology with the traditional AUX connection, ESAVOX enables you to control music stored on your smartphone, tablet, or computer simply and in complete freedom.

ESAVOX has been designed like an extreme car (ixoost):

Monocoque chassis in carbon Twill 245 3k, polymerised in autoclave at 6 bar, exhaust system with variable aperture to control pressure of the sub woofer, passive shock absorber system to dampen vibrations and tapered supports with variable height. The design is based on single block cabinets in carbon and wood, recalling the most iconic features of Lamborghini cars. The central element is the original exhaust, which puts all elements into proportion, giving the impression of a real car.


  • Automobili Lamborghini push button start
  • Master volume control
  • Subwoofer’s volume control
  • Bass reflex pressure control
  • Manual switch Bluetooth® – RCA
  • Thermal protection


  • 53kg
  • 125 x 50 x 65cm W x H x D


  • 2 valve pre-amplifiers for each channel
  • 1 600 watt amplifier for tweeter, midrange and woofer
  • 1 200 watt amplifier for the subwoofer


  • 2 tweeter 1″
  • 2 full range 6.5″
  • 2 woofer 8″
  • 1 subwoofer 15″


  • 20 – 22.000 Hz


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