Throwback Thursdays: Tourist Trophy

For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we’re taking a look at a rather unique simulator. Tourist Trophy, released by Polyphony Digital in 2006, was a full-featured motorcycle simulator, based off of the same engine as Gran Turismo 4.

Tourist Trophy takes everything you loved about Gran Turismo 4, and swaps out cars for motorcycles. 135 motorcycles were produced in the game, ranging from 124cc scooters all the way up to 1670cc superbikes. Customization is also featured in the game, to the point where you can even adjust how your rider’s head rotates while turning! You can also earn riding gear, with over 180 different pieces of riding gear available, including suits, pants, jackets, helmets, gloves, and boots.

The majority of road courses from Gran Turismo 4 are included in Tourist Trophy. However, wet circuits, dirt tracks, and reverse circuits are excluded. One new circuit was added to Tourist Trophy, Circuit Ricardo Tormo, also known as Circuit de Valencia. The popular circuit on the MotoGP calendar was first featured in Tourist Trophy, and then ported over to Gran Turismo on the PSP. It was noticeably absent from GT5 and GT6.

Another iconic feature brought to Tourist Trophy was photo mode. You can take photos at resolutions up to 1280×960 at 72dpi. You can save your photos onto a USB drive to port to your computer. Replay and Ghost files can also be put on your flash drive, to share with friends.

Tourist Trophy was also one of only four titles to support 1080i resolution on the Playstation 2. If you have a PS2 HD component cable, you can upscale the title to HD resolutions. Gran Turismo 4 was one of the other titles to support the resolution as well.

If you have a PS2 or backwards comptible PS3, now would be as great a time as any to try to purchase the game. Just yesterday, I went to my local Gamestop, and they were liquidating their stock at 75% off! The standard retail price is $2, so you may be able to score the game for fifty cents, if your local store is doing a similar promotion.

Did you play Tourist Trophy back in the day? There has also been speculation about a sequel coming in the future, would you be interested in a sequel if it came out? Let us know in the comments.