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Gran Turismo Sport – Nürburgring 24H at Night Trailer

At gamescom, every developer likes to show what it has to offer, Polyphony Digital marks no exception. With Gran Turismo Sport only being one and a half months away, the developer of the legendary racing game series presents us with a new trailer, showing a Nürburgring 24H race at the Nordschleife – at night.

What’s to note in the latest Gran Turismo Sport trailer?


The trailer’s audio contains solely car sounds, no soundtrack, no gimmicks, just pure race car sounds. Especially with the GT3 cars, an improvement compared to the previous Gran Turismo games is noticeable. Skip to 0:50 for some in-cockpit sound impressions.


Graphics may not directly contribute to the experience of a car, they do however enhance the sense of immersion by quite a margin. Especially noteworthy is how cars’ cockpits are being lit by the lights of the following car. Skip to 0:50 once again or check out the screenshot below.

Gran Turismo Sport N24 trailer screenshot 1

Gran Turismo Sport will be released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive between October 17 and October 19 around the world.

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