Gran Turismo Sport – Demo Launching on October 9

Considering how long it has been in the works and how long it has been eagerly anticipated, it is great to see that Gran Turismo Sport is now only two weeks away from launch. And to make those two weeks even shorter, Sony will release an official demo version of the game in advance!

A Gran Turismo Sport demo?  When?

The dates are as follows:

October 7 at 10am (BST)

October 9 10am (BST)

October 12 2pm (BST)

Players will have the choice of going multiplayer racing in “Sport” mode, taking various challenges, missions and circuit experiences in “Campaign” mode or experiencing the joy of driving in “Arcade” mode.

The “Scapes” photo mode is available too, just like the new livery editor.

Credits (up to 1 million) and cars awarded in the demo will carry over to the final game, launching the week after.

Check out some preview screenshots below!

Gran Turismo Sport demo Scape photo mode

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