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Gran Turismo Sport Demo Test Drive with Thrustmaster T-GT

Presenting our Test Drive of the Gran Turismo Sport Demo with the new Thrustmaster T-GT wheel. With Gran Turismo Sport coming in only a week, and the demo releasing today, we decided to take it for a spin to see how it’s progressed since E3.

For this Test Drive we took the McLaren 650S – spoiler, the first car you win in-game – for an 8 lap race around Dragon Trail at dusk against 19 AI cars set to the highest difficulty level.  As you’ll see, they didn’t do too bad of a job holding their own (better than the Gr.4 race we did earlier in the day…) on the pretty entertaining fantasy track (although they could be quicker in a few corners).

Plus, now that we have the official wheel of Gran Turismo Sport, the Thrustmaster T-GT, so we decided to hook that up and give some initial thoughts on it as well.