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Gran Turismo Branded Subaru Sets Isle Of Man TT Record

This week a Gran Turismo Branded WRX STI Subaru set an Isle Of Man TT lap record. Perhaps the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world, the Isle of Man TT Challenge is solely sanctioned for motorcycle racing. When driver Mark Higgins made the attempt to break his own previously set lap record for a car around the 59.55km or 37 mile circuit, it was essentially for the attending public’s entertainment. Driving a highly modified 600hp Subaru WRX STI, Mark shattered his previous best time of 19 minutes and 26 seconds with a blistering 17 minutes and 35 seconds, at an average speed of 207.12 kmh or 128.730 mph! Checking out the video, one superlative comes to mind here, ”Balls of Steel!”

As far as sim racing goes, there were some very interesting branding logos applied to this car, namely Gran Turismo logos on the the car’s four corners, as well as a windscreen banner with the words ”Gran Turismo, The Real Driving Simulator” prominently displayed!  One could be left wondering if there is a connection between the upcoming GT Sport title, the Subaru and possibly the Isle of Man circuit itself?

This year’s record breaking attempt had some partial sponsorship from the Gran Turismo series, hence the appearance of subtle (and not so subtle) sponsoring on the modified Subaru.  There is, of course, little evidence to support a possible Polyphony collaboration with Subaru or the Isle of Man circuit, although a visit to the circuit by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe programmers two years ago may hint at some type of surprise release. All conjecture at this point, but if the Isle of Man circuit were to make it into Gran Turismo, it would be the longest circuit to be included in the series at more than double the length of the current longest circuit, The Nordschleife which is 24.9 km or 15.5 miles.

Actually, this circuit would be awesome in any of the current titles! Who knows, there may even be a race going on right now as to which studio will be the first to include this fearsome, and for some motorcycle racers, deadly circuit!

This second video is absolutely bonkers mate, and the waste gate chatter is awesome. A side note, R.I.P. all the bugs covering the windscreen that gave their lives for our entertainment.

Subaru WRX STI