Gran Turismo 6 Track Path Editor Out Now

Finally.  After years of teasing, the Track Path Editor is out for Gran Turismo 6 and it looks pretty awesome.

Excuse me while my mind is blown by the “take a photo and create a turn” feature.  Wonder how well this works out in the wild instead of the confines of a commercial?  Guess we’ll have to find out ourselves…

The fascinating thing about the editor is that the magic appears to happen 100% out of game via the iTunes or Google Play apps.  Maybe the restraints of a controller just proved to be too difficult?

While I like the idea of using the app – anything to get me off Facebook and Twitter please – it would be even cooler if Polyphony allowed you to connect a mouse to your PlayStation 3 and do it that way.  Would certainly be the easiest way…assuming you have a flat surface for the mouse.


For now it does look like your boxed into a handful of locations, Death Valley, Eifel and Andalusia.  Will be interesting to see how customizable each is and if it’s possible to customize the track/area to the point of being unrecognizable.

If this isn’t the case, then I hope Polyphony has more areas in the hopper and ready for a release soon.

Overall, I’m pretty fascinated by this idea.  While GT6 is pretty far off my radar, this may bring it back.  While modders can create tracks to their hearts delite in programs like Sandbox, allowing the general public to tinker around in a (assumed) user friendly app is brilliant.

Here’s some further information from Polyphony about update V1.21 and the Track Path Editor:

With the “GT6 Track Path Editor”, you can create a track by selecting from 4 different themes and the track can be used in Free Run, Arcade Mode, Open Lobby and in the Community area.

An overview of this feature has been added to the “Product” information page. Detailed instructions are also provided in the online manual; please refer to the Related Links at the bottom of this page.

Other improvements and adjustments
– Penalties have been disabled in “Free Run” mode.
– With the addition of the “GT6 Track Path Editor”, the maximum length of best lap replays that can be loaded in the Data Logger has been set to 20 minutes.
– The engine sounds of certain cars have been improved.
– “GT Academy 2015” has been removed from the [SPECIAL EVENTS] section in accordance to the end of the Online Qualifier period.