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Better Sounds Are Coming To Gran Turismo!

On the 16th of October, a video popped up on Youtube featuring new gameplay footage of Gran Turismo Sport. The message we can take away from the video is that better sounds are coming to Gran Turismo – we hope! The lack of good sound in the title has become a source of dissatisfaction amongst avid players of the game and criticism from people contemplating buying into the franchise.

Artificial and manufactured are adjectives that have been used to describe the sounds in previous iterations of the title.  With repeated promises of improved in-game sound, Polyphony Digital has underwhelmed with little to no improvements in the sound department, making the audio in this video a possible breath of fresh air for people who have been vocal about the lack of realistic sounds.

The recent appointment of former Forza Motorsport Audio Lead, Mike Caviezel, promises to shake things up, as evidenced by the awesome sounds emanating from the Mercedes AMG GT S in this video, which was shot last week at the Paris Motor Show on the FIA exhibition stand.

Polyphony have shied away from their practice of recent years and are introducing 130 plus scratch-built car models. Hopefully with this fact in mind, we can expect a decent improvement when it comes to reproducing the visceral sounds of the real deal!  Gran Turismo Sport will support 19 circuits, some new, as well as some old favourites. Already confirmed are the infamous Nordschleife, Brands Hatch, Willow Springs and Tokyo Expressway. Because the game was delayed from a late 2016 release to sometime in 2017, we will have to adopt a wait and see approach as to whether all car sounds will be improved or, if as in previous versions, the sound is good on some and not so good on others.