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A Quartet Of New Gran Turismo Sport Videos

A quartet of new Gran Turismo Sport videos have surfaced following the recent Ani-Com & Games expo in Hong Kong, giving us a further look at the upcoming instalment of the Gran Turismo franchise.

The videos were captured from a live stream of the event. The driving is not anything to write home about and the video quality is not great, due mainly to the fact that the footage was recorded from a live stream.

The quality not withstanding, there is a bevy of new game-play video to be seen, with several races on varying circuits. The makers of Gran Turismo Sport are striving for a garage totalling 150+ cars. Unlike past iterations of Gran Turismo, these cars will be modelled from a clean slate, which is a departure form the standard car models of previous titles.

Polyphony Digital has previously stated that their main focus for Gran Turismo Sport will be driving physics and online competition. Online racing will include live broadcasts with realistic flag rules, safety cars and the very exciting prospect  of becoming eligible for an FIA Gran Turismo Digital License, giving players the opportunity to take part in real world motor racing events.

The title is scheduled to be available for the Playstation 4 on November the 15th (US) and November the 18th (Europe) respectively.