Driving School Chapter 1: Introduction to the school

Welcome to the Driving School. In this chapter we will talk about what you can expect from the school as well as outline the chapters.

We recommend watching the videos in order as they build upon themselves but feel free to skip around if you are an advanced driver looking to improve a particular aspect of your driving.

As you work your way through the chapters you will notice that some chapters have sim driving exercises associated with them.

The rest of the school can be located here

Chapter 2A – Vehicle Dynamics
Chapter 2B – Vehicle Dynamics
Chapter 3A – Fundementals of the racing line and cornering
Chapter 3B – Fundementals of the racing line and cornering
Chapter 3C – Fundementals of the racing line and cornering
Chapter 4 – Using Your Eyes
Chapter 5A – Braking Technique
Chapter 5B – Braking Continued
Chapter 6 – Downshifting
Chapter 7A – Racecraft & Passing
Chapter 7B – Racecraft & Passing
Chapter 7C – Racecraft & Passing
Chapter 8A – Race Starts – Surviving Turn 1
Chapter 8B – Race Starts – Pt2
Chapter 9 – Pre Race