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Playseat Create One Off Sim Rig For F1 Star, Max Verstappen

Recently, the guys from Playseat were tasked with creating a one off special sim racing rig for current F1 star Max Verstappen. Considering the real world equipment Max gets to use every race weekend, this seemed like quite a tall order. As always, Playseat rose to the challenge! What the guys came up with was a combination of some of the best sim racing hardware available today.

Max Verstappen is a member of probably the most famous professional sim racing team right now, Team Redline, whose members include current world champion sim racer, Gregor Hutu, Olli PahKala, Aleksi Ussi Jaakkola and Domino Duhan. He is an avid sim racer and often competes in online championship events.

For the eagle-eyed amongst you, the basis for this rig is a Playseat® Sensation Pro, which happens to be a personal favourite of mine. I even use the Sensation Pro as a test bed to review sim racing hardware on! Added to the mix is a set of Heusinkveld Engineering’s Ultimate Pedals, a Leo Bodnar DD servo wheelbase, custom F1 rim and an F1 styled seat which normally sees duty on Playseat’s standard F1 simulator sim rigs.

All this adds up to a very decent looking ”hybrid” F1 styled rig, with a true formula seating position. This setup provides Max with a solid base on which to train for upcoming races, both real and virtual. I know the Ultimates require an immense amount of pressure to slow you down and the Bodnar wheel is touted to have the best response and fidelity of any sim wheel currently available. Who knows, maybe Playseat has come up with a new style of sim rig as a result of this exercise? I, for one, would definitely like to try this one off simulator out sometime!

Who else would like to give this rig a good shake down?


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