New Textures Coming to Game Stock Car Extreme


Reiza Studios, maker of Game Stock Car Extreme (GSCE), have released new screenshots previewing texture updates coming to V1.3 of the title.  While I think the current V1.25 textures look pretty good – especially considering the age of the motor – the V1.3 screenshots do seem to have that extra something.

While the preview shots only show Spielberg, Spielberg Historic and Interlagos Historic, the new textures will be coming to every track in not only GSCE but Formula Truck as well.


If you haven’t checked out GSCE yet, you can pick it up on Steam for $29.99 USD.  And just incase you needed another reason to get GSCE, it was announced last week that Reiza’s free title, Copa Petrobras de Marcas will be integrated into GSCE.  So you OCD people should be real happy having your Reiza games under one roof (myself included in the OCD group…).

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