Imola Historic Coming to Game Stock Car Extreme

Reiza Sudios, developer of Games Stock Car Extreme (GSCE), have released a new video showing off a famous track coming to the title, Bologna Historic.  Bologna not ringing a bell?  The gang at Reiza may be calling it Bologna Historic for copyright reasons but rest assure, this is Imola Historic (the best version), and  its coming to GSCE for your Italian racing pleasure.

Reiza has talked about how difficult it was to find reference material for the track circa 1994 and creating the proper “atmosphere.”  Well based off what I see here, I think they did a pretty damn good job.  And as always with Reiza, the AI is behaving very nicely, not doing anything erratic but not running nose to tail in train form either.

No word on release yet but considering it looks done, or very close to done, it can’t be long.

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