Game Stock Car Extreme

Game Stock Car Extreme review

  • Developper: Reiza Studios

  • Release date: 09/2014

  • Platform: PC | STEAM

  • Triple screen support: NO

  • VR support: NO

Category: Formula 1, Open Wheel, V8 Supercar, Kart, GT, Touring cars



The more than meets the eye award goes to Reiza Studios Game Stock Car Extreme. While the title may make you think it’s a NASCAR sim, that could not be further from the truth.

The stock car in question is actually the Stock Car Brasil series. So it’s a Brazilian Stock Car sim? Not quite.

While that was the case when Game Stock Car was released in 2011, since then, the title has grown substantially in scope, adding karts, open wheel cars, prototypes, production, and other GT cars. Famous tracks outside of Brazil, such as Montreal, Austria, and South Africa, have also been added to compliment the international content.

Built off of the excellent rFactor ISIMotor, the former modders turned developers, Reiza, have extracted every last ounce of goodness from it. The result is a title with excellent physics and graphics that have far exceeded their dated roots.

On the other hand, some of the dated roots do show through, including text from the previous century, no triple screen support and AI that struggles at turn 1, lap 1.

While it’s far from the flashiest, Game Stock Car Extreme is one of the purist examples of a sim racing title ever made.

Game Stock Car Extreme evolves again with more new content – such as dirt racing – and features with Automobilista in 2016.