Turn 10 Expands Forza 5 Car Pass Two More Months

The Meguiar’s Car Pack was going to be sixth and final monthly DLC pack in the Forza Motorsport 5 Car Pass, which left racers with the question: Will DLC still be created? Turn 10 has decided to respond in rather awesome fashion. Not only will there be more car packs coming out, but the Car Pass will also be extended for two more months (June and July)! That will bring 20 more cars to Forza, with the DLC content reaching 90 cars.

The June DLC Pack will see an early release to your Xbox One as well. Normally monthly DLC packs would be released on the first Tuesday of the month, but T10 has decided to push it forward to May 30th. As of right now, no cars have been announced, but stay tuned here for the latest news about the new DLC packs.

You can read more about the new announcement in Turn 10’s letter to the community. Are you excited to be getting 20 more cars for Forza 5?