Nurburgring Track and Car Pack Come to Forza 5

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) yesterday, Turn 10 Studios announced a much sought after addition to Forza 5, the Nurburgring.  As of yesterday, you can download the laser scanned “Ring” for free.  The track comes in three configurations, the modern day grand prix circuit, the 13-mile historic circuit and, for the first time in the Forza series, the 16-mile combined circuit.

Just like previous add-on tracks, Long Beach and Road America, the Nurburgring will be implemented seamlessly into the Forza Career Mode, Rivals Mode and Multiplayer.

And one more thing…

In addition to the release of the Nurburgring comes the Nurburgring Booster Car Pack.  This pack features five cars that should be great fun, and a bit of a handful, around the “Green Hell.”

The highlight of the pack for me is the 1989 Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO.  It’s the same car that R3E released not long ago and, as Darin and Jason have shown, it can be a lot of fun.  I’m sure Forza’s version of the 720 hp AWD monster will be equally as fun around the Ring.

Car Pass owners will receive the Nurburgring Booster Car Pack for no additional fee.

Nurburgring Booster Car Pack

  • 1989 Audi #4 Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO
  • 1967 Brabham BT24
  • 2013 Ford Formula Ford EcoBoost 200
  • 1939 Maserati 8CTF
  • 1956 Lotus Eleven