Forza Motorsport 6 Review

Welcome to our Forza Motorport 6 review of everything you can do in the single player mode. We already covered the first two hours for a new game, so lets start with the first thing you interact with on a day-to-day basis and that’s the User Interface or UI.

  • Cleaner and more attractive than Forza Motorsport 5
  • Easy to navigate, intuitive

Car selection

  • Over 460 cars to choose from
  • Very few duplicates but does count the same racecar with different schemes
  • Don’t see any major holes in car classes or manufacturers
  • Very happy with number of racecars/series represented

Car customization

  • Extensive paint shop
  • Pick from user created schemes or standard color schemes
  • Can create your own livery – but it takes a lot of work
  • Luckily lots of user created logos

Forza Vista

  • Car porn at its best
  • Can repaint car and do upgrades
  • Take photos
  • Cool exploded view
  • Only real negative is not all cars have exploded view

You have a few options in the “Go Race” tab

  • Test Drive
  • Free Play
  • Can rent cars you don’t own
  • Rivals Mode – Same as previous version where you can take on community members for the top leaderboard lap times.
  • Career Mode
  • In one word: Huge
  • Turn 10 claim over 70 hours of unique gameplay
  • Stories of Motorsport career is divided into volumes
  • Each volume has series
  • Inside series you can choose the car types you want to drive
  • Gives you flexibility to drive the cars you want to advance
  • Take a break from the standard career mode with Showcase events
  • Over 70 even
  • Open Practice, Testing, Quick Race, Career and Rivals

Things that can be adjusted or done during a race weekend in career mode

  • Mods that you can purchase or win mods to upgrade that car, or all your cars, or just that brand or that track only
  • Tune setup
  • Practice thats a nice new feature
  • Adjust Drivatar difficulty
  • Assists to make the gameplay as hard or easy as you like
  • Harder it is the more race bonus you receive
  • Change wheel settings, we run with simulation
  • Check leaderboards


Driving experience

  • Graphics are the best looking on all console racing titles
  • Shading, reflections and color pallet are spot on
  • 60 fps, even in object heavy areas
  • Would love to see this graphics engine on the PC


  • Feel similar to laser scanned versions in other titles
  • Road Atlanta only exception we found
  • Atmosphere is more realistic than Forza Motorsport 5
  • Right amount of environment animation
  • Leaves, dirt, grass, sand kicked up by the wind, tire walls that move (all though sometimes too much) infield movement
  • Still a bit too much smoke….like the whole infield is going up like a roman candle


  • Mixed bag right out of the box
  • Most cars feel good
  • Past that on slip angle some cars four wheel pushes and can be difficult to counter steer
  • Some better, can slide a bit
  • Tuning and degrees of rotation adjustments can help cure.
  • Brakes are good once controls are calibrated, make sure to press brake all the way down before driving. If brakes are too touchy, upgrade them and then lower the pressure. Need to buy the brake upgrade to adjust pressure
  • Transmission is good and bad. Good that it makes you properly use a clutch. Bad in that some cars it wants you to hold the clutch longer than necessary.
    Also makes you use the clutch in clutch less two pedal cars when running manual with clutch settings
    With Thrustmaster TX you can press A button and mode and it will auto clutch for you.
  • Wet Driving is extremely challenging. Love the feel of the car being pulled when hitting a puddle. The wipers and spray feel spot on, look great. Some puddles though are insanely huge
  • Tuning – We took the Subaru BRZ and was able to make it much more stable on turn in with an increased front tire pressure of 3 psi. Lap times at Lime Rock Park  went from vs 1:03:234 to 1:02:561. 5 psi made it too tight (understeer) and we ran a 1:03:356. Adding sport anti-rollbars made the car feel good but not any faster than the psi change.
  • The Audi R18 was very difficult to tune with minimal adjustments. But adjustments did change the car behavior.
  • Upgrade Shop is the same as previous versions of the franchise they can make a big difference. Makes for a challenge of not over tuning your car


  • Feels good across all the wheels we used
  • Tried with Thrustmaster TX, Logitech G920 and Fanatec CSW V2
  • Much stronger than Forza Motorsport5


  • Has enough views to please everyone
  • Cockpit Field Of View sits too far back on most cars
  • Would like the ability to move the seat forward
  • Cant turn drivers arms or wheel off
  • On-screen steering inputs lag behind yours but seems visually only


  • Give them a C grade
  • Can be decent depending on the track
  • Turning “limit drivatar aggression” on seems to help a bit
  • Can be really bad at times, making too many mistakes
  • Mistakes don’t curtail with higher difficulty
  • The race can really be won or lost in the first turn, resulting in bumper cars

Difficulty levels

  • Could be better balanced
  • Unbeatable is 11/10, should be 10/10
  • Pro is 6/10, should be 8/10
    Note there are 8 levels of difficulty: new racer, inexperienced, average, above average, highly skilled, expert, pro, unbeatable. Would prefer a 1-10 difficulty scale


  • Good information overall
  • Lots of detailed telemetry
  • Would like to know the distance between me and the cars behind me


  • Overall good, although your engine sound is still low, hard to hear shift points in traffic


  • Right amount for this type of game
  • Can play bumper cars but you can still break the car

Final thoughts

Is it realistic enough? Is it fun enough? Does it make you come back for more? Worth the price? We would say yes to all of the above. It definitely offers more than Forza Motorsport 5 did and feels more polished like Forza 4 did for the XBox 360.

Remember that some cars feel better out of the box than others and may require tuning. Also, make sure to warm the tires up for at least a lap before pushing too hard.

We would recommend it, yes and it’s definitely more fun and challenging with a wheel and pedals set.