Forza 5 Bernese Alps Crash Fix

Starting a new career mode in any game is one of the best parts of a new title.  Forza Motorsport has always been known for a great career mode and with Forza 5 just having arrived my excitement was very high.  This excitement was soon replaced by horror when upon restarting the game I faced some sort of crash.

When I pressed the A button to advance to my race at the Bernese Alps the Xbox suddenly ends the game and goes back to the Xbox home screen.  I fired up the game again and gave it another go, and again when I pressed the A button to advance to the race it would crash to the home screen.  I then spent the next few hours trying over and over to get to start with luck at all.  I then did a search online and found a thread by Brian Ekberg who is the Turn 10 Community Manager that they are aware of the problem, and that there is even a work around to hold us over.

Here is the thread for the fix from Brian.

This fix was a life saver for me and allowed me to continue my career on my new game.  If you are in the same boat as me then I hope that you found either that article or this one and are back on the track like me.