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Looking to upgrade G27 or purchase new pedal set

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Hi everyone,


Don't know if this is the good place to put ask this question.
I started Iracing not to long ago (first SimRace since GT on ps1 and 2 :P). Purchased the G27 due to recommendation. For now, I think it is a good wheel to start with. But, already I find the brake pedal and the H shifter to be somewhat bad in feeling.
Was wondering if it is worth the money to upgrade the brake pedal to a ARC or something similar, or purchase something in the Fanatec ClubSport v2 price range. Was also thinking of the Nixim mod to save money but, worried that I will regret it on the long run not upgrading to something better.
Even thought I have been SimRacing for a short time now, I'm hooked already and have plans to build my rig this winter (sparco Evo 2 seat, momo M78 steering, ARC shifter, probably 1inch DOM steel tubeframe to mount everything or whatever material I have in the garage.
I find driving in I racing does help me on the track at HPDE's and will help my addiction during the off season, So I thought it would be good to invest some time and some money into this new hobby. 
A video of what I do during the summer :), more in my youtube channel.

Thank you for your feedback.

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Hi Chris,  I too use a G27, and whilst there are higher end stock setups available, there is a wide range of modifications you can do to customize a G27 to achieve a cockpit of your desire.
I have replaced my Logitech shifter with the Thrustmaster TH8RS, and can highly recommend it for all aspects of look and feel, it is certainly a quality unit at a very affordable price, plugs right into your PC as a standalone controller.
Next thing, the pedals, there are a few options on the market, all vary in pricing, from $200+ for Load Cell upgrades, down to around $30 for a progressive spring such as GTEYE, which I am actually the creator of,

All pedal upgrades on offer will provide a significant improvement over the stock pedal, it depends how much you are looking at spending.
Another recommended upgrade may be a 10 bit Leo Bodnar cable, for around $50 will improve the bit rate data transfer of the pedals for higher precision.


I use a Sparco P310 wheel and ordered a custom SRH Wheelplate and SLi-Pro for PC use, all up makes for one very impressive and functional interface.


Using a "real" race wheel such as the Sparco goes a long way to improve the overall immersion over and above any of the higher end standard sim wheels on offer.
There will always be differing opinions on which wheel you should go with, I personally feel the G27 stands quite proud for the price, considering you need to spend over twice as much for the next step in Fanatec or Thrustmaster.  Will either of these make you any faster, probably not.


Another upgrade, albeit a costly one, is a triple monitor setup, hands down the best upgrade to any sim rig.




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i got the spring for brake and it is huge improvement and then i took my old brake spring and moved it to my clutch like that change too

I'm going to look at the TH8RS GTEYE was a great company to work with as well

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