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NASCAR the Game 2013 G27 Settings

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Hello Everyone,

well...after an update of NTG2013 from Steam my G27 was absolutely horrible, so I had to spend the time to find some driveable settings again...this is what I came up with, they are not perfect, with what I would call 'the odd nervous tick'... but driveable around 'Sonoma'...

Logitech Profiler Settings:

Set to 'Default' settings first then 'Check' 'Enable Center Spring - 100%' and set 'Degrees of Rotation' to 900 (in my wheel settings anything less than 900 makes the wheel oscillate badly.

NASCAR in Game Settings

Advanced Settings FFB 100%,  Road FF Strength 0%,  Steering Dead 0%,  Accel Dead 0%,  Brake Dead 0%,  Clutch Dead 0%,  Steering Sensitivity 100%, Steering Linearity 100%, Accel Sens 100%, Brake Sens 100%

Assists - Steering Assist 5 Stars, SC Assist 1 Star...the rest in the list set to OFF.


This is playing the game through Steam in 'Offline' mode...who knows what will happen in 'Online'


Hope this helps anyone...and feel free to add your own :)


Kind regards

Old Timer

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