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Nascar The Game 2013 with Power Director 11 Ultra

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Hello Everyone,

Just having another go with PD (Power Director) to edit video/audio and while I am still an absolute noob, I am finding PD to be very good and easy to use. This time I wanted to have ago at mixing in-game footage with the replay footage that you can record at the end of the race. I was a bit worried that PD would not open the FRAPS file (over 40Gigs) did without a problem, fantastic....and PD even opened another copy of the Daytona footage (over 80Gigs) when I split and chopped the footage to much and did not have enough 'edit undos' to get back to a part of the video I . I will add text and special effects at a later date when I feel comfortable in the splitting, joining of footage to get some kind of fluid motion throughout...not there yet as the you tube link will show



Nascar the Game 2013 is not that bad, not a sim, but highly entertaining if you want to get into a bit of Nascar as I did. I do belong to iRacing, but find the Nascar circuit a bit intimidating, so NTG2013 was a easy choice, plus the thrill of having 43 cars on the grid quite exciting, especially at 'Bristol'...I spent all afternoon just trying to get to the finish flag, cautions  The graphics are very good in my opinion, triple screen looks great and I am enjoying the Career Mode....and I really like the intro to each track with the camera fly-around and the buildup from Mike and Darryl (hope I got that right) and the 'Spotter' does a fantastic job, he does not always get it right but he has saved my bacon a number of Have not been into the paint shop yet and had a couple of races in Multiplayer, only me and 2 others on the grid.


Logitech G27 settings I have are...set to 'Default' first then just 'check', 'Enable Centering Spring in Force Feedback Games' and adjust the 'Degrees of Rotation' to 369.

In Game settings, just the Driver Assists...Transmission (Manual),  Steering Assist, (5 Stars),   AB Assist (Off),   TC Assist (Off),   SC Assist (2 Stars)..this is only because the G27 still feels a bit floaty, hard to keep in a straight line,..but having said that, purchasing the 'Pro Driver Setups' under the 'REWARDS' section, does make the car handle better....I was quite surprised, and finally   ABS Assist (Off)


That's about it...thanks for stopping by..

Kind regards

Old Timer

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