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Flatout ultimate carnage league

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Hey! Please don´t laugh at us but we are 2 guys who just started playing sim racing and we have a pretty funny idea. Over the last couple of weeks we have been playing the semi-arcade game "flatout: ultimate carnage" dead serious. Our idea is to start a league with a constructors and player championship in this game, might sound silly but we are having so much fun in this game. We are as we said 2 guys so we need between 2 to 6 more to make a nice league. VERY casual though.


This game is probably not as arcady as you think, the physics are not sim-class but its nowhere near need4speed, it´s all about car control.





We will be playing with the car "pimpster".


Everytime we race we do 2 races with the maximum 10 laps on each on one of the race circuits.


It seems to be a random grid in this game so for now there is no qualifying, it doesnt make that much of a difference in this game anyways.


We use regenerative nitro, imagine this a bit like tire wear, the player with the best racing and the best nitro management wins.


Its clean racing, one of the reasons we are making this league is because the game is designed for assholes, we rarely get a nice clean race online. This also means no corner cutting and dont run into stuff outside the circuit.


The game is 20 dollar on steam if you dont have it and it can be raced perfectly good with either keyboard or wheel, doesn´t make much difference really.


If we get any response to this we will decide together when to race, one "weekend" with 2 races are 20 minutes so most people should have time for this.


Make no mistakes, we are interested in motorsport and you will soon see us in games like race07 and rfactor. This game is good fun and that is what we are looking for.

Force Maharaja out!


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