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first wheel g27 or dfgt

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Hey guys i'm just about to start sim racing online and need to pick a wheel. Im pretty set of getting the driving force gt because im a beginner, on a budget, and wont have the skill to maximize the g27 for a while. BUT the cheapest i could find is 122 from office depot. The g27 is currently selling for 220 on amazon. 


My question is should i spend the extra 100 for the g27 because the cost is so low, or go with the dfgt and get some fanatec pedals down the line?


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I have both wheels. DFGT is a great wheel for its price, But have many weak points - pedals are absurdish and are only 2. No paddles. With G27 you will buy complete system and you will have everything you need even for an advanced racer:)

With DFGT + Fanatec pedals - even the cheapest + shipping you will go on the G27 price.

And again DFGT is a great wheel ,but maybe for people who didnt deside between it and G27


Good Luck

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DFGT is IMO the best budget wheel while G27 is a great mid-range wheel.


G27 is worth the extra $100 with:

 1) descent pedals which can be mod later on.

 2) better overall ffb motors. DFGT ffb "feels"  a little stronger only because it's motor seems to lack mid-range pull.  It's  like the motors are either at 100% or almost nothing.

 3) Helical gears which are a lot more smoother and quiet except when the wheel simulates rumble (like driving on dirt for example).  G27 helical gears cause a  tapping noise when rumbling.

 4) paddles instead of buttons.

 5) H- shifter with clutch compared to seq-shifter

 6) less plastic. Leather wheel feels better than plastic.

 7) can be hard-mounted


 Advantage of DFGT:

 1)  $100 cheaper. Extra 100 could get you started with Iracing.

 2)  All the buttons are on the wheel.

 3)  The shifter is built into the wheel which makes it more convenient to set up and put away.  

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