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Nurburgring Nordschliefe for rF2

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Hello Everyone,

I had to open a new thread regarding this track because I feel the future of modding for rFactor 2 has been hit quite literally in the goolies!

Simbin addressed the modding community with a golden rule for modding and asked Team GMT to stop their work!

Simbin in my view was already not so happy with mod's for rfactor 1 because it was more popular with modders and sim racers, back then though Simbin didn't mind too much as you needed to own the simbin title where the content originated from hence you needed to install via a dvd checking software.

Because there is ways to bypass the dvd check simbin does not want these content conversion to take place any longer. I think this is a big blow for modders and motorsport enthusiast's as I only came to the PC sim racing community because of modding and a more emmersive experience.

I have been racing on GT5 for afew years now and before that I was always on console racing sims such as GT and Forza but console sim's for 1 is not as detailed in physics and feel of force feedback on the wheel (and sound in GT's case). The other reason I moved to PC sim's was because of Porsche and EA having exclusivity rights to the likes of EA that cannot make a sim title even if it meant saving themselves from certain death, EA should not be allowed to do this.

So I did some research to find out which PC titles are the best. My results turned up with rFactor, Simbin titles and iRacing, I tried out iRacing but was put off by the price tag rather quickly leaving me with Simbin titles and rFactor. So I read and watched video's on afew titles and ended up getting the simbin bundle pack from steam and really enjoyed the physics but then realized there was no Porsche cars!? The video's I had watched had them but none here? WTF! what's going on. So did some reading and found that because EA has the exclusivity license Simbin had to take the cars out of the steam version of GTR 2. I then thought if I bought rFactor I should not have these issues so I did and became a member of rfactorcentral. I downloaded so many tracks and cars until my heart was content and thought to myself I should of been here on rFactor rather than playing GT5.

I feel that the sim racing market is going to get ugly because these big companies are wanting to rinse us gamers as much as possible because all they see in their eyes is dollars. Yes I agree with simbin that the originators of the content should be rewarded but what I cannot agree with is modders being limited to what they can do. I for one am a motorsport enthusiast and love to drive, I don't want to be buying another game to play on just because of the content. I would on the other hand buy GTR Evolution which I did for the purpose of having Nordschliefe on rFactor 1 & 2. In buying GTR Evo I have paid Simbin for their work which is fair. However I want this content in rF2 because it has the best physics and FFB than any other sim title.

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Better hang on to those rFactor mods before they all start disappearing.

Agreed, seems free mod'ing is a dying breed, this is most unfortunate, time will tell with rFactor-2 and Assetto Corsa to be released sometimes this year. We'll see what happens. If the greed factor takes over too much and free mod'ers get their hands tied, then I can see these new sims not selling as well as they were hoping. The free mods is what makes rFactor great, otherwise, it's just another sim.

As for EA, no one should give those morons a license for anything, they blow dead goats at midnight.

This also leaves things open for the rebels, what's to say someone won't come up with track mods as mentioned above (Nurburgring Nordschliefe) and release it with no identity in the code, for the masses to download, it'll get passed around in Peer to Peer networks or Torrents, this way the originator's identity is saved. The way I look at it, leave the free modding community alone or it will go underground and rightfully so.

On the Topic of Simbin, I downloaded the Historix mod for rFactor (great mod) and I had to insert one of Simbin's original CD's to install it, I did and got the mod, this I don't mind, what does Simbin care, they still get a purchase, maybe they could help the modders by putting out decent code to verify you have one of their CD / DVD to install a mod. Now they are just saying, don't use it, ok, fair enough, it's their decision, now here's mine, no more new Simbin titles for me until this decision is reversed.

Time for us as consumers to take the helm and let these greedy software companies know who the boss really is...... us, the paying public!

This has become a heated subject, not everyone shares my views on this, but it is my opinion and I feel strongly about it.

Take care


Regards:  >>>> Jack <<<<

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