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Remove Driver Arms / Steering Wheel ?

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 I have searched the forum and haven’t found anything in
regards to the cockpit view and removing the steering wheel. I have my cockpit
setup that my wheel and on screen wheel are redundant. I would like to remove
the on screen one and still be able to see my mirrors.


 I have seen some cockpit camera views that allow you to move the position really forward the
wheel goes away but I feel like I am sitting on the front wing in those views. I
even thought about creating a wheel mod to just make the wheel a blank black
circle but that is pretty crude. Does anyone have any idea if this can be done?





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Thanks for the input guys. I thought it was worth a shot. I looked into it and it seems the only option that
Codemasters has is the ability to edit the cameras.xml file and adjust the FOV
till it hides the wheel, or have it not render anything from the wheel back…which
looks odd in both case.
I was able to find some camera mods here ( that allowed me to get close to what I was after but still not perfect. I did edit the XML file and got it tweaked up as close as I could stand it but the wheel is still there bouncing around on the bottom of the screen.
My setup is with a single LCD and so the wheel in game is not needed with my current wheel and would like to hide it. Here are a couple of pics  of how the screen is now and with my wheel.
Thanks again guys!

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Here's my edits, there's still a little too much camera shake for my liking but this I found works well for triples:


<View type="Head" ident="head-cam"
reverseCamera="head-cam_reverse" hidden="false" spectator="false"
useInSplitScreen="false" renderParticlesBeforeGrass="false"
transitionType="switch" transitionSpeed="0.0000"

            <Parameter name="renderParticlesBeforeGrass" type="bool" value="false" />

            <Parameter name="fov" type="scalar" value="35" />

            <Parameter name="nearPlane" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="highResInterior" type="bool" value="true"/>

            <Parameter name="DisableDriverHead" type="bool" value="true" />

            <Parameter name="DisableDriver" type="bool" value="true" />

            <Parameter name="DisableCoDriver" type="bool" value="true" />

            <Parameter name="bodyLength" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="maxBodyOffset" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="maxBodyOffsetScaleSide" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="maxBodyOffsetScaleUp" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="bodyDamping" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="bodyInertia" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="bodyCenteringForce" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="maxHeadOffset" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="headDamping" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="headInertia" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="headCenteringForce" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="headProgressiveDamping" type="bool" value="false" />

            <Parameter name="headProgressiveFactor" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="headBuffeting" type="bool" value="false" />

            <Parameter name="bump_interval " type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="bump_likelihood" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="bump_nonbumplevel" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="position" type="vector3" x="-0.0000" y="0.7650" z="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="tilt" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="maxMovement" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="windSpeed" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="windFreq" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="windTilt" type="scalar" value="0.0000" />

            <Parameter name="maxHeadLook" type="scalar" value="47.8610" />

            <Parameter name="maxLookAngleUpDownRatio" type="scalar" value="0.4393" />

            <Parameter name="autoLookAngleInterest" type="scalar" value="180.0000" />

            <Parameter name="velocityChangeCrashDetection" type="scalar" value="5.0000" />


                <Parameter name="cdEnabled" type="bool" value="true" />

                <Parameter name="cdLowAcceleration" type="scalar" value="5.0000" />

                <Parameter name="cdLowLength" type="scalar" value="0.1000" />

                <Parameter name="cdLowFade" type="scalar" value="0.3000" />

                <Parameter name="cdMediumAcceleration" type="scalar" value="8.0000" />

                <Parameter name="cdMediumLength" type="scalar" value="0.1000" />

                <Parameter name="cdMediumFade" type="scalar" value="0.3000" />

                <Parameter name="cdHighAcceleration" type="scalar" value="11.0000" />

                <Parameter name="cdHighLength" type="scalar" value="0.1000" />

                <Parameter name="cdHighFade" type="scalar" value="0.3000" />



                <Parameter name="enabled" type="bool" value="true" />

                <Parameter name="rollLimitInDegrees" type="scalar" value="-2.0000" />

                <Parameter name="rollSmoothingScale0To1" type="scalar" value="0.5000" />

                <Parameter name="yawLimitInDegrees" type="scalar" value="10.0000" />

                <Parameter name="yawSmoothingScale0To1" type="scalar" value="0.4970" />



                <Parameter name="enabled" type="bool" value="true" />

                <Parameter name="limitInMilimetres" type="scalar" value="7.2830" />

                <Parameter name="limitInDegrees" type="scalar" value="0.8321" />



                <Parameter name="enabled" type="bool" value="true" />

                <Parameter name="dirtyAirPoint0To1" type="scalar" value="0.2540" />

                <Parameter name="dirtyAirSpread0To1" type="scalar" value="0.7500" />

                <Parameter name="limitInMilimetres" type="scalar" value="1.1560" />

                <Parameter name="limitInDegrees" type="scalar" value="0.0920" />



                <Parameter name="enabled" type="bool" value="true" />

                <Parameter name="pitchLimitInDegrees" type="scalar" value="3.0000" />

                <Parameter name="smoothingScale0To1" type="scalar" value="0.2500" />



                <Parameter name="enabled" type="bool" value="false" />

                <Parameter name="pitchLimitInDegrees" type="scalar" value="3.2370" />



                <Parameter name="enabled" type="bool" value="true" />

                <Parameter name="faultEffectDuration" type="scalar" value="0.4000" />

                <Parameter name="faultEffectScaleInMilimetres" type="scalar" value="17.0000" />

                <Parameter name="faultEffectRotationInDegrees" type="scalar" value="0.5000" />

                <Parameter name="brakeDamageCarSpeedForMinEffect" type="scalar" value="10.0000" />

                <Parameter name="brakeDamageCarSpeedForMaxEffect" type="scalar" value="50.0000" />

                <Parameter name="engineBlownDamageScaleInMilimetres" type="scalar" value="9.0000" />

                <Parameter name="engineSeizedDamageScaleInMilimetres" type="scalar" value="19.0000" />

                <Parameter name="engineDamageCarSpeedForMinEffectInMPH" type="scalar" value="10.0000" />

                <Parameter name="engineDamageCarSpeedForMaxEffectInMPH" type="scalar" value="50.0000" />



                <Parameter name="speedAccFOVEnabled" type="bool" value="false" />

                <Parameter name="speedAccFOVMaxSpeed" type="scalar" value="50.0000" />

                <Parameter name="speedAccFOVScale" type="scalar" value="0.0500" />

                <Parameter name="speedAccFOVChangePerSecond" type="scalar" value="1.0000" />



                <Parameter name="speedOnlyFOVEnabled" type="bool" value="false" />

                <Parameter name="speedOnlyFOVMaxSpeed" type="scalar" value="50.0000" />

                <Parameter name="speedOnlyFOVScale" type="scalar" value="0.1000" />

                <Parameter name="speedOnlyFOVChangePerSecond" type="scalar" value="20.0000" />


            <Parameter name="dofEnabled" type="bool" value="false" />

            <Parameter name="dofDynamicDistance" type="bool" value="true" />

            <Parameter name="dofStaticNearPlane" type="scalar" value="100.0000" />

            <Parameter name="dofStaticFarPlane" type="scalar" value="200.0000" />

            <Parameter name="dofDynamicNearDelta" type="scalar" value="-50.0000" />

            <Parameter name="dofDynamicFarDelta" type="scalar" value="100.0000" />


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