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Triple Screens?

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Anyone using Triple Screens with ACR?


I've got it working with SoftTH at my funny 4360x1024 resolution (mismatched monitors, see sig for details).  However I think the aspect ratio looks terrible (things look stretched).




Maybe it's just because they stretch the HUD to the edges (though the loading screen and pause menu looks fine and not stretched).  Maybe I just don't like it how the hood is stretched so wide (it wasn't with a single 16:9 monitor).


I'm waiting for response from the support group to see if they can help.  Their article about triple screens appears to be out dated as the line about "gfx_aspectratio=" doesn't exist in the config.ini.

So only thing I've been able to try is with the following line...


gfx_resolution = 4360x1024 (545:128)@60


And as you can see above it got it to display correctly... and confirmed it's using SoftTH to make this happen (I see the SoftTH logos on the outside screens when loading into game mode).  But I can't figure out the aspect.

Any help or feedback (of others using triple screen setup with ACR) form here would be great too.  Cheers.

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I found a work around.  First I've set SoftTH to force horizontal FOV... but that wasn't enough.  If I start the game in windowed mode, than switch to full screen (alt+enter... even as early as the loading screens) the game holds a correct aspect ratio.  The hud stays on the middle screen... but menu overlays (results, settings, etc) are stretched.  So I'm pretty happy.  It's a fun game... good "Forza-like" game PC racers... and it's free to boot, and the free2play model isn't bad at all (not greedy/forceful).

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